About me …

About Leonard Radu

Hi everybody….
My name is Leonard Radu of Romanian origin domiciled in France and Thailand. And I am self-taught artist painter and tattoo artist.

To be honest with you, I do not have a very rich artistic past cause I haven’t followed any artistic training or art school, the art that I develop is simply something that come naturally from the bottom of me, over the years it is developed according to my personal taste without developing any particular style or following a particular technique. I like to touch all the subjects in painting, drawing or tattoos, I like to compose my art and to developer new ideas to create some original artworks.
As for the tattoos it is the same thing, first of all I like to create an original and unique tattoo according to the criteria of the client while bringing my personal art touch because first I am artist painter who respects art especially when it comes to a lifetime tattoo!

All about tattoos

I hold a training of hygiene and of health to be able to exercise the profession of tattooist according to the criteria of the health in France and around the world

tattoo training leonard radu

My tattoo equipment

Dragonfly rotary machine


EZ Filter Pen V2 – Black [The new Cartridge Machine]